Minimum Wage in The UK 2017

What You Need To Know About Minimum Wage in The UK 2016


What Is The National Minimum Wage?

The current minimum wage for individuals over the age of 21 within the UK is set at £6.70 per hour, which is an increase of £0.20 from last year. Individuals aged 18 to 20 should expect a minimum wage of around £5.30, while those under the age of 18 are only required to be paid a wage of £3.87.

Who Is and Isn’t Entitled To Minimum Wage?

In order to be eligible for minimum wage, workers need to be of school leaving age or over. It should be noted that contracts for wages below the minimum wage are not binding by the law. Some of the individuals entitled to minimum wage include; agency workers, part-time workers and offshore workers. Some of the individuals who are not entitled to minimum wage include those who are self employed, directors of companies and volunteers.

Employees and employers should remember that it is a criminal offense not to pay minimum wage to those who are entitled to it.