Pilot Salary 2017

The average (mean) Pilot (aircraft pilot and flight engineers) full time annual salary in the UK is £86,915 and the median £86,855 for part time employees this increases to a mean of £103,382.

For men the mean full time salary of £86,915 and there is insufficient data for a mean salary for female aircraft pilots and flight engineers.

This is calculated on the basis of different levels of social worker jobs in the UK and is based on the provisional ONS dataset (Occupation (4 digit SOC) – ASHE: Table 14) which was released on 26 October 2016.

Usually, the starting salary is around £26,000-£40,000 for an entry level, graduate or junior pilot. However, this salary scale can be around £100,000 – £110,000 for a senior pilot . For more accurate information on pilot salaries, please simple make a job search; as the job posts in the UK usually state the salaries.

Besides, the salaries can be considerably higher and vary a lot in cities like London, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh. It is also a fact that your salary will depend whether you are a commercial, ba, helicopter, raf, ROV, Emirates airline pilot.